Unesco PERSIST has launched a global survey to identify and assess national or federal policies and strategies on the preservation of digital heritage. PERSIST invites all those involved in the making or implementing of such national policies and strategies to share their knowledge on this topic.

We are specifically interested in the involvement and the role of governments / national policy makers in formulating your national or federal policies or strategies for the preservation of digital heritage.

The questionnaire contains 18 questions including multiple choices and open questions and it takes ca 10-15 minutes to contribute to the survey.

The online survey is available at https://www.surveygizmo.com/s3/2900854/UNESCO-PERSIST-Policy-Survey

With your generous help, PERSIST will try to:
•    give a global overview of current policies and/or strategies in Unesco Member states
•    assess the involvement and role of governments or national policy makers on long term digital preservation
•    give insight in the implementation of those policies and strategies (domain specific vs. cross domain, responsibilities, follow-ups, etc.)
•    give a short description of some selected examples

The survey results will be reported in an aggregated form in a final report to UNESCO and will help identify governmental needs for and trends in national preservation policies. The names of individual organizations, the individuals responding on behalf of their organizations will not be shared in the survey results or other reports.

We deeply appreciate your input. If someone else in your organization should receive this questionnaire, please copy or forward it.

The survey will close on 30/11/2016.

Please contribute at https://www.surveygizmo.com/s3/2900854/UNESCO-PERSIST-Policy-Survey. 


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