List of UNESCO PERSIST reports and other publications



Documentary heritage at risk: Policy gaps in digital preservation. Outcomes of the UNESCO Policy Dialogue. Published 5 September 2021.


Enhancing the mission of the Preservation Sub-Committee: the Inclusion of PERSIST, UNESCO Preservation Sub-Committee of the Memory of the World Programme


Survey on national/federal policies and strategies on the preservation of digital heritage, UNESCO PERSIST (September 2017)

Report of the Workshop of the UNESCO PERSIST Content and Best Practices Working Group, held at the German National Library in Frankfurt am Main, Germany on 23-24 February 2017

Handout on the Unesco PERSIST Programme regarding digital sustainability (PERSIST Ambassadors Lunch, February 2017)


How can the UNESCO PERSIST Programme bring about Digital Sustainability through Legacy Software Services? (PERSIST Workshop at iPRES2016, October 2016)

Software Sustainability And Preservation: Implications For Long-term Access To Digital Heritagere (PERSIST Panel at iPRES2016, October 2016)

UNESCO PERSIST: A Global Exchange on Digital Preservation. Blog about PERSIST published on the Digital Preservation section of the website of the Library of Congress. (May 2016)

PERSIST Project Meeting Report, March 14-16, 2016, Abu Dhabi, UAE (March 2016)

Extensive report of the PERSIST expert meeting in Abu Dhabi (UAE).

Main conclusions from the PERSIST Steering Committee, Abu Dhabi (March 2016)

Short account of the PERSIST Steering Committee summing up the main conclusions emerging from the PERSIST expert meeting in Abu Dhabi (UAE). 

UNESCO/PERSIST Content Task Force: The UNESCO/PERSIST Guidelines for the selection of digital heritage for long-term preservation (March 2016)

The guidelines are also available in:


Report of the PERSIST Workshop ‘Demand driven selection for long term preservation of born digital cultural heritage’, Granada, DigitalHeritage2015 Congress (29 September 2015)

A short report of the PERSIST workshop at the international DigitalHeritage Congress in Granada on behalf of the PERSIST Content Taskforce, in which the draft Selection Guidelines for born digital content were discussed. 

UNESCO PERSIST Heritage Software Platform (July 2015)

A short paper to lay down the ideas of the PERSIST Heritage Software Platform, as explored in the position paper from October 2014 and discussed at subsequent meetings.  

Report of the Unesco PERSIST meeting in Paris (April 2015)

Report of a general meeting about PERSIST at Unesco, where the three taskforces presented their intermediate results to a wider audience of stakeholders and potential contributors to  PERSIST. 

Wilbert Helmus, Survey on selection and collecting strategies of born digital heritage – best practices and guidelines (March 2015)

Report written on behalf of the PERSIST Content Taskforce, with the results of a global survey to identify selection strategies for born digital heritage. This report laid the foundation for the PERSIST Selection Guidelines for born digital content. 


Draft Report on the PERSIST‐session at the 4th Annual Conference of the International Council of Archives (ICA) ‘Evaluation of Strategies of Digital Preservation & UNESCO’s Role in Facing the Technical Challenges’, Girona (13 October 2014)

Short report of a special session at the 2012 ICA Conference in Girona, in which the position paper on the impact of technological change on digital preservation was discussed. 

Margriet van Gorsel, Michiel Leenaars, Natasa Milic-Frayling & Jonas Palm: Evaluation and Strategies of Digital Preservation & UNESCO’s Role in Facing the Technical Challenges (October 2014)

Position paper written for the PERSIST Technology Taskforce to address the issue of the impact of technology and its evolution on digital preservation strategies. 

Report from the PERSIST session at WLIC, Lyon (3 August 2014)

Short report of a special session at the 2014 IFLA/WLIC conference in Lyon, in which the position paper on selection in the digital age was discussed. 

Titia van der Werf & Bram van der Werf: The paradox of selection in the digital age (August 2014)

A thought provoking position paper written for the PERSIST Content Taskforce to address the issue of selection of born digital content meant to be preserved for the longer term. 


A Digital Roadmap for Long‐Term Access to Digital Heritage Conference organized by UNESCO, ICA and IFLA in The Hague, The Netherlands, on 5 and 6 December 2013. Executive summary | Full report

Report of a 2-day meeting in The Hague, The Netherlands. The first day was a public event about digital preservation policies and strategies, the second day was a closed meeting at the Dutch Ministry of Culture, at which PERSIST was officially launched. 

Marco de Niet & Marcel Ras: Position Paper, A global Digital Roadmap (November 2013)

Short paper written to feed the discussion on the digital roadmap during the The Hague meeting in December 2013, at which PERSIST was launched. 

Related publications

Unesco/UBC Vancouver Declaration. The Memory of the World in the Digital Age: Digitization and Preservation, 26 to 28 September 2012, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

The Unesco/UBC Vancouver Declaration was the result of the 2012 Memory of the World Conference. The declaration states that “there is a pressing need to establish a roadmap proposing solutions, agreements and policies, that ensure long term access and trustworthy preservation. This roadmap should address issues like open government, open data, open access and electronic government. It should dovetail with national and international priorities and be in full agreement with human rights.” PERSIST is the Unesco/IFLA/ICA initiative to put this call into action.  

Guidelines for the preservation of digital heritage. Canberra, 2003

Authoritative publication by the National Library of Australia to accompany the Charter on the Preservation of Digital Heritage, providing both strategic and practical advice to enhance the preservation of digital heritage. 

Unesco’s Charter on the Preservation of Digital Heritage, 15 October 2003

Formal document as accepted by the Unesco Member States at their General Conference in 2003 describing the vision of Unesco to safeguard the (then) relatively new form of digital documentary heritage. 

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