PERSIST Activities

PERSIST Mission and Vision

The UNESCO PERSIST Programme is a sub-programme of the UNESCO Memory of the World Programme (MoW). It is set up to ensure long-term access to the World’s Digital Heritage by facilitating development of effective policies, sustainable technical approaches, and best preservation practices. PERSIST is the “digital component” of MoW, which is dedicated to the identification of, access to and preservation of documentary heritage in general.

The PERSIST activities are coördinated by the Programme Committee and are executed by three Working Groups: Policy, Technology & Research, and Content & Best Practices.

Programme Committee

The Programme Committee consists of the following persons:

  • David Fricker (National Archives of Australia; acting on behalf of ICA): Chair PERSIST Programme 
  • Stein van Oosteren(PERSIST Coordinator; Permanent Delegation to UNESCO, Netherlands)
  • Robert Buckley (National Archives, United Arab Emirates): Chair PERSIST Programme Policy Workgroup  
  • Natasa Milic-Frayling (University of Nottingham): Chair PERSIST Programme Technology & Research Workgroup 
  • Ingrid Parent (University of British Columbia; acting on behalf of IFLA): Chair PERSIST Programme Content & Best Practices Workgroup

and the following PERSIST Programme Advisors:  

  • Abdulla El Reyes (UNESCO MoW Programme)
  • Ryder Kouba (University of Hong Kong): Secretary to the Programme Committee
  • Marco de Niet (DEN Foundation, Netherlands)
  • Iskra Panevska (UNESCO Secretariat)
  • Vincent Wintermans (National UNESCO Commission, Netherlands)

Policy Working Group

The aim of the Policy WG is to identify emerging and existing policies and strategies on digital preservation of documentary heritage at both Governments and Memory Institutions (defined as: libraries, archives, audio-visual archives, museums and new types of data managing institutions) and to promote the outcome and impact of these policies and strategies.

The following persons are a member of the PERSIST Policy Workgroup

  • Robert Buckley (United Arab Emirates National Archives) (chair)
  • Ulla Bøgvad Kejser (Danish National Library)
  • Julia Brungs (IFLA)
  • Marco de Niet (DEN Foundation, Netherlands)
  • Stein van Oosteren (Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs)
  • Iskra Panevska (UNESCO)
  • Maureen Pennock (The British Library)
  • Vincent Wintermans (National Unesco Commission, Netherlands)

Read the Terms of Reference 2016-2017 for the Policy Working Group

Technology Working Group

The aim of the Technology Working Group is to drive a dialogue with software vendors and solution providers about technology life-cycle management to ensure digital continuity of software and content. The WG also wants to drive support for innovation and research in areas that are critical to achieve digital continuity. Finally the WG wants to increase awareness of technology obsolescence and investment in infrastructure to sustain use of software and content.

Content & Best Practices Working Group

The aim of the Content and Best Practises WG is to identify existing and emerging needs of digital preservation practitioners and how these can be best addressed at the local, national and international levels. The first initiative of the group will be to host a mandate scoping meeting in February 2017.

Members of the PERSIST Content and Best Practise Workgroup will be announced at a later stage. The working group is chaired by Ingrid Parent (University of British Columbia; acting on behalf of IFLA)

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