PERSIST Policy Working Group publishes report on National Policies and Strategies on the Preservation of Digital Heritage

One of the outcomes of the UNESCO PERSIST meeting in Abu Dhabi (14-16 March 2016) was the decision to organize a global survey about governmental policies and national strategies on long-term preservation of digital heritage. The survey took place between September and December 2016, with the option to send in additions until the end of May 2017.

Persist survey

Strategies on national level

33 countries

In total, 48 respondents from 33 countries filled out the complete survey. Some two thirds of the respondents reported that in their country is no written and cross domain national or federal strategy. 45 respondents described their biggest challenges regarding a national digital preservation strategy. Theses fall into  four main subjects: lack of leadership, lack of knowledge,  lack of funds and lack of consensus between domains or institutions.


The report, written by Wilbert Helmus, will help the Policy Working Group and the Content & Best Practices Working Group in developing their future activities.

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