Action plan for the UNESCO recommendation on Documentary Heritage created

The ASEAN-UNESCO+3 Consultation on the UNESCO Recommendation on Documentary Heritage took place on may 8th in Kuala Lumpur. The consultation resulted in a concrete action plan fot the UNESCO recommendation on documentary heritage. The UNESCO Persist Guidelines play an important role in the plan.

Source: Unesco



The Action Plan identifies concrete actions that can be taken in the areas of documentary heritage identification, preservation and access, as well as policy measures to support efforts in these areas and opportunities for international cooperation. The Action Plan was adopted by delegates from 10 ASEAN Member States and Timor-Leste.

ASEAN Member States, museums, archives and libraries will use the Action Plan to guide the implementation of UNESCO’s Recommendation at the national level.  The Action Plan will also help the ASEAN Secretariat, UNESCO, and the Memory of the World Committee for the Asia Pacific develop policies, trainings and projects to address challenges identified by member states.

During the consultation, each ASEAN member state, along with Timor-Leste, China and Japan, gave an update on the implementation of the Recommendation in their respective countries, while also sharing opportunities and challenges for the preservation of and access to documentary heritage at the national level.
The country presentations can be accessed here:

The training materials and presentations given during the symposium can be accessed here (  and the material for the consultation here (

For further information, see the Unesco Memory of the World Website




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