Partnerships, Activities, Meetings and Events


PERSIST collaborates with organizations that pursue similar and complementary activities. A partnerships is facilitated by a mutually agreed Memorandum of Collaboration (MoC) that outlines the scope of joint activities.

Affiliate Partners

The Steering Committee invites and responds to proposals for strategic partnership with organizations that share the value and the mission of PERSIST. It sets up the MoC with the Affiliate Partner that may include activities such as joint promotion, fund-raising and joint taskforces to accomplish specific objectives.

Associate Members

Organizations can apply for a status of Associate Member by demonstrating that their activities meet pre-specified requirements. PERSIST can provide official feedback and letters of support for specific activities, to assist Associate Members in gathering resources for activities that are aligned with the objectives and governing principles of the PERSIST initiative.


Expert Committees

Expert Committees are approved by the Steering Committee. They are responsible for advising on issues within their competence. The reports and recommendations of the Expert Committees are presented to the Steering Committee for consideration of further action.

Members of Expert Committees are specialists serving in individual capacity or representing non-governmental organizations. The duration of an Expert Committee is two years and may be extended by the Steering Committee as required. There are no restrictions on the nationality or affiliation with UNESCO member states of individuals serving on the Expert Committee.


Taskforces are set up to accomplish a specific objective, within a set time period, or to advise on the preparation or implementation of specific actions. The members of the Taskforce submit their findings in the form of a report to the Expert Committee, Workgroup Chairs, or the Steering Committee, depending on the initially agreed scope of activity.

A Taskforce can be convened by the Executive Committee or individual Workgroup Chair based on the objectives and outcomes. The members of a taskforce serve in their private capacity or as representatives of organizations they are affiliated with. There are no restrictions on the nationality of the individuals affiliated with the taskforce.

Meeting and Events

Seminars, workshops, and training courses

Objectives of seminars, workshops, and training courses are to enable participants to acquire knowledge of a subject of interest to UNESCO or to give them the benefit of experience gained in a specific field. The results are generally recorded in documents or publications and do not call for any decisions on the part of UNESCO bodies or Member States.

Seminars, workshops, and training courses are organized in coordination with Workgroup Chairs upon securing funding. Participants are invited by the organizers and serve in private capacity or represent the organizations they are affiliated with.

Consultation Meetings and Symposia

Objectives of Consultation Meetings and Symposia are to exchange information within a given speciality or on an interdisciplinary basis. Such meetings do not necessarily lead to the adoption of conclusions or recommendations. The communications presented at them may be published, with or without a summary of the discussions.

Consultation Meetings and Symposia are convened by the Steering Committee pursuant to the programme approval and securing the funding.

Participants are specialists, taking part in a private capacity or representing organizations they are affiliated with. They are designated individually by the organizers, by an invitation, or admitted through other procedures agreed by the organizer.

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